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Are you involved in Software Development?

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R&D activities in Software.

In the 21st century digital transformation is perpetual meaning that the products of key software development activities such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML) become further incorporated into our way of life.

Software development activities often involve an advancement of current technological knowledge and capabilities and any associated activity related to this advancement can be considered research and development.

The development of new technology is almost never straight forward, with significant trial-and-error required in coding and other activities before success is achieved. The associated resource used by companies during this product development and testing phase can qualify for relief.

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Computer Science and Information Technology is continuously changing, developing and evolving in more innovative ways than ever.

Our clients have been able to successfully obtain additional funding to boost their business activities as many initial development phases are pressured by cash-flow.

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Tax Consultant

What types of activities qualify then?

Qualifying activities are wide-ranging but will depend on a number of factors, such as the level of technical uncertainty, the level of design input and responsibility, and the level of risk.

However, in all cases, there should be an advancement of knowledge or capability in the sector.

Some examples of qualifying activity are outlined below:

  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Developing new or enhanced functionality in operating systems or software programs.
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Development of new software development tools such as IDEs and application builders and version control tools.
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory AI data processing and image analysis
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Developing data management and data capture systems and processes
  • Inspired Corporate Advisory Robotics

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